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GE Static Transfer Switches  single/three phase, 25-1000Amp

GE Static Transfer Switches (STS) are designed to transfer the supply between two independent live AC power sources. Unlike traditional automatic transfer switches (ATS), a static transfer switch provides a fast load transfer (typically 1/4 of a cycle), which ensures uninterrupted operation of sensitive electronic equipment. Load re-transfer to the preferred input source is virtually instantaneous (typically 0.1 ms).

The basic applications of STS are in automatic systems in the power industry, power supply systems for petrochemical industry, computer and telecommunication centers, automatic and security systems of 'intelligent' buildings as well as other equipment which is sensitive to interruptions in the supply.

The excellent overload capability and transfer algorithm enables fast fuse clearance in the event of a short-circuit. As a consequence the voltage immediately returns to normal to supply the other mission critical loads. The built-in transient voltage surge suppression system for SCR switches provides additional protection against damage to the supplied equipment.

The static transfer switch consists of two bidirectional thyristor switches for each phase equipped with a control and protection system. The 2 or 4 pole types have an additional neutral line switch. After failure of the preferred source, the STS checks the state of the alternate power source and transfers the load to whichever source provides power within selectable limits.

This transfer can be triggered by disturbance in the preferred source voltage, over-current in the source or manual or remote change of the preferred source. With both sources in limits and synchronized (phase error within the acceptable range), manual or remote transfer is performed in less than 200 µs.

Transfers initiated by fault conditions in the preferred source depend on the status of the alternate source. For synchronized power sources with phase error within the limits, transfer to an alternate source is made within 6ms delay. Lack of synchronization causes delay before transfer. This time delay is field adjustable

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